C. Keiki "MamaKeiki Hula" Stacy Weigle


C. Keiki Stacy Weigle aka “MamaKeiki Hula” is a proud Multicultural/Multiracial HAPA woman with strong ties to her Chinese, Hawaiian, Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, English and French roots. She was born and educated in the San Francisco Bay Area, spending breaks visiting and traveling with family throughout California, Nevada, Washington and Hawaii. Because of her own early-in-life experiences with racial and gender discrimination, as well as civil unrest brought about by the war in Vietnam, racial prejudice and labor abuses, Keiki has been involved as an activist for equal rights, fair/equal pay, anti-discrimination and AAPI since 1975, when she and her mother marched with Caesar Chavez.

A 35+ year technology industry veteran, Keiki started her career in the heart of Silicon Valley in 1978 with Advanced Micro Devices, where she was recruited by Sperry Univac Defense Systems Division to manage semiconductor procurement for the Trident and Minute Man Missile program. Throughout the 1980’s, her career path lead her to live and work throughout the USA, Germany and Australia. She feels fortunate to have ridden the “roller coaster of Silicon Valley, having worked in sales, marketing, contracts administration and business development for some of the most innovative companies in the technology field. From personal computer manufacturers to software developers, from network security systems to the Internet, and from virtual world simulation education to gaming entertainment – Keiki says “I was blessed to be a member of such wonderful teams throughout my professional career. We all worked hard, supported each other without fail, tapped into exposing each other’s creative energies and thought out of the box, with innovative approaches, so we could ride each wave relentlessly.”

Keiki moved with her family from Palm Beach County, Florida to Okanogan County in the spring of 2015. She is grateful that the move has brought her closer to her family and roots in an area close to her heart. Having spent many of her youth’s fishing and hunting seasons with her father in Okanogan County.

As the presidential race led into the debates and primaries, Keiki knew it was time to step up, speak out and take action. Following the election, she launched #ResistForGood Indivisible (RFGI) in December of 2016 – to gather together a “Resistance Ohana” of family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances who share the dedication in resisting and consistently taking action against the current administration’s agenda. “It was important for me, now that I’m on disability and battling the effects of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and Sjögren’s Syndrome, to set up RFGI to support everyone wanting to resist this horrid agenda, especially those who are homebound, caregivers of the homebound and those who may not have access to an Indivisible or Resistance group – for whatever reason. Now they have a family that resists with them and where we each can draw strength from to persist.”

Keiki was initially invited to serve the Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee on their e-board and as the organization’s Vice Chair of Social Media and Technology, later being voted in to serve as Vice Chairwoman, in addition to serving as Acting Vice Chair of Social Media and Technology. She has been honored to serve in these roles, work with the membership, support the efforts to build a new blue democratic party in her county, help automate some functions, redesign the organization’s website, as well as launch its social media presence. Having coined the term (and hashtag) “TheNewBlue” on Twitter, Keiki says “I was excited about learning how purple our county was after moving here, and I’m even more excited and optimistic about working with the OCDCC’s board, PCO’s and members to secure viable and progressive-minded candidates to flip those old red seats throughout Okanogan County being filled by #TheNewBlue!”