Point of Privilege by Michael Sarratt

It is ironic that for a political party, we seldom speak politics at our meetings. We have stayed laser-focused on process and organization, which is appropriate. But things are fast spinning out of control in our country and we need to address them: asylum kids in cages; credible victims of assault ignored by hyper-partisan senators so that a drunken frat-boy, GOP hitman can be elevated to the Supreme Court; tariff wars; the destruction of affordable healthcare; attacks on the environment; the transfer of trillions of tax dollars to the already wealthy. . . I could go on. . . .

In the last 6 months I have attended about two dozen local political gatherings, and listened closely to the discussions. Christine Brown has grown into her campaign and sharpened her attacks on Dan Newhouse, who has been entirely MIA. She is rockin’ it. In the 12th LD, Keith Goehner (GOP) is soft pedaling the obvious crimes of his party saying “I don’t really follow all that very much. I’m only focused on local issues.” Well Keith, broken immigration policy, trade wars, and the destruction of universal health care ARE local issues. Mike Steele (GOP) not only ignores all of the above, but claims credit for all the benefits flowing to the 12th LD from the capital budget by repeatedly reminding everyone that he sits on the budget committee in Olympia. What he conveniently fails to mention is that he voted AGAINST adopting it and the supplemental budget as well. What a sham. They are both hucksters in a party of liars and thieves. The Independents are too wimpy to take sides in the debate, lamely offering to work with ‘both sides.’ Their strategy is to position themselves squarely in the middle hoping to pull votes away from the few remaining Republicans who are actually ashamed of how their party is ripping this country to shreds. . . the party of Honest Abe Lincoln....

If I appear to you as another angry old white man, its because I am. I’m mad as hell at all the other privileged, old, white men who are running this country like a mob racket for their own greedy purposes. I stand with the refugees in their concentration camps on our southern border. I stand with the Native Americans at Standing Rock and right here in their fight for the environment and against the myriad of injustices and indignities they have suffered. I stand with the DACA kids, the United Farm Workers and the Latino community in general as they search for success in the hostile environment created by those angry white men. SI SE PUEDE!! I stand with the black and brown people whose communities are stigmatized by a so called ‘justice system’ creating the highest rates of incarceration and police murder per capita of any country since Joseph Stalin opened the gulags in Siberia. In my view these too are all local issues.

This election is, perhaps, the last best chance we have of reclaiming our country. Lets go out and elect Maria to the Senate; Christine to the Congress; Karen, Mike, and Randy to the 7th LD, and Valerie to the 12th. Let’s show the bastards that we are coming for them, that we will drive them out of office, and impeach those who won’t leave quietly. In the words of Congressman John Lewis, “If not us, then who? If not now, then when?”

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