Monique Bourgeau

A Letter from OCDCC Vice Chair of 7th LD: Sandy Vaughn

I have known Monique Bourgeau for three years, and in that time I have been struck by her commitment to community involvement and her natural leadership abilities.

She is a well-respected mentor to young people in our area, and has been working with and teaching in the Native Language classes at Inchelium, on the Colville Reservation. She is becoming fluent in her native language and is dedicated to empowering Native Americans to reclaim their traditional teachings.

I attended an event, “Diversity Dialogue”, and Monique was an inspiring speaker, able to articulate her thoughts and experiences in a way that those of different ages and cultural backgrounds could readily understand.

When I heard of the internship being offered, I immediately thought of Monique. I believe she is a young woman who has excellent organizational abilities, holds true Democratic values, and has the poise and confidence to make the experience of this internship a valuable addition to not only her own life, but, as well, to the Democratic Party. We are so pleased that Monique is one of 32 (out of over 80 applicants) interns selected to participate in this opportunity. I know she will take this experience to heart.

Monique works hard and is putting her savings into this; she did receive a partial scholarship and we have collected some funds to help, but we are of course hoping that folks will feel inspired to do further donation for this worthy cause. Thank you!