Michael Sarratt


Date: June 29, 2017

At our general meeting on June 25, I was elected to the chair of the OCDCC by unanimous vote of the PCOs in attendance. Susan Swanson, our outgoing chair, has been a strong, energetic, and dynamic leader and has set a high standard. I feel honored by your confidence in my leadership and will strive hard to move us forward.


Michael moved to Eastern Washington in 2007, after retiring from a 32-year career on three railroads: the Southern Pacific, Amtrak, and the BNSF. While working as a locomotive engineer, he served nine years as an elected union representative.

In early 1964, Mike enlisted in the US Navy in response to President Kennedy’s assassination. JFK urged us to: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Mike was honorably discharged in 1970, having logged over 30,000 nautical miles aboard three different ships.

Mike attended college in California on the GI Bill and graduated ‘with distinction’ in English. When the antiwar movement swept over campuses after the massacre of protesters at Kent State, Mike became an outspoken critic of the Nixon administration and joined the Vietnam Veterans Against War. He also joined the Democratic Party and became an activist. Having seen the horrible impacts of pointless wars, Mike remains an advocate for peace. He became a lifetime member of the Veterans For Peace in 2002.

Mike Sarratt: “Being a citizen/patriot is about inclusiveness and about working to improve the lives of ordinary people. The military taught me the importance of teamwork to achieve objectives. Teaching English language learners from all over the world taught me to appreciate the underlying commonality of everyone on this planet. Working on fishing and marine research vessels taught me the importance of sound environmental practices. Working on the railroad taught me the importance of workers pulling together as a union to resist the tyranny of big corporations on issues of justice, safety and fairness, as well as collective bargaining. And raising children taught me the importance of honesty and integrity. These are the bedrock issues that unite us as Democrats.”