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I sit here today, listening to the Kavanaugh hearing in the background while I work on this website. The hearing has been enlightening, disheartening, and jaw dropping. Over 100,000 documents have been held back from the review process. Tens of thousands of documents were dumped on the Judiciary Committee 15 hours before the hearing started.

The Republicans continue to smugly interject that this process really doesn't matter, since Kavanaugh is a certain appointment to SCOTUS.

The Republican majority is once again shoving an extremely important decision through an approval process while refusing to share all pertinent information. Just like taxes. They are supposed to work for us, the People of the United States of America, but continue to act like we are not important and cannot see documents that we own. What makes it even more frustrating is that this is for a LIFETIME appointment that cannot be changed no matter how the political environment changes. This candidate for SCOTUS will be sitting on the highest court of our land for the balance of our lives.

President Trump stated during his candidacy that he would put Pro-Life judges onto SCOTUS, and is reportedly pro-Kavanaugh since the judge has stated he does not think a sitting President should be subjected to criminal indictment. You'd have to be living under a rock if you do not know why he likes that aspect. He is setting up the court that will judge him.

I am proud of the Democratic Senators. They have fiercely fought for our, the public's, right to see documents that have been mysteriously designated as "Committee Confidential" and not for public view. Senator Corey Booker (D - NJ) demanded that some of these "confidential" emails, specifically regarding Racial Profiling and Affirmative Action, be released for public view, and if not, then he would post them online. Other Democratic Senators jumped onboard. He may very well be disciplined by the Senate and even lose his seat as aUnited States Senator. - He just this moment released these emails. Read them at cnn.com

Judge Merrick Garland should be sitting at that seat in this hearing. Kavanaugh may indeed be appointed. We must replace these people who think they are above the law and change Congressional and Senatorial rules at will, stealing a lawful appointment from a sitting president.


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  1. Well, today Judge Kavanaugh was sworn in. Anyone who was not aware of the drama surrounding his confirmation must live under a rock. We got to witness the old white boys club push their agenda through, pretending to listen to Dr. Ford, but in reality they never cared one bit. It was just theater. These guys represent a small minority of America, yet they control us all. We MUST VOTE.

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