Katie Haven grew up in Seattle, and spent her summers camping and hiking all over Washington state. As a teenager she became involved in the Sea Scouts which led her to a challenging and rewarding career at sea. She graduated with honors from the California Maritime Academy in 1986 – one of two women engineers in her class of 120.   She started as a Third Assistant Engineer, sailing in ocean going vessels with ports of call on several continents. By 1999 she had worked her way up to Chief Engineer, the highest level engineering officer in the Merchant Marine. After 27 years going to sea she decided it was time to plant her feet firmly on the ground, and she settled into life on a small sheep ranch with her partner in the Lower Methow Valley, where she has lived since 2008.  In addition to staying informed on Okanogan County issues, Katie spends her time in the garden and working in the fiber arts.

“I come from a family that has been politically active since my grandfather came to this country almost 100 years ago. He left a culture where his ambitions were limited by the social class he was born into, and came to America to see where his natural abilities would take him. Even as an old man, he marveled at the opportunity and success that he had achieved and expressed his gratitude for this country almost daily. He took his duty as a citizen very seriously, and instilled a deep sense of civic responsibility in his descendants. I grew up discussing politics around the dinner table, and accompanied my parents to the voting booth as soon as I could walk. While national politics get the headlines and the glamour, I have learned that what happens at the local level has an enormous impact on our lives. Decisions made at the county level determine how our resources are managed, what our communities look and feel like, and what social services are available. My goal in this position is to help citizens stay aware of the decisions that are being made, and inform people about opportunities to participate in THEIR government.“