Climate Change for Presidential Platform

submitted by Sandra Vaughn

I want to encourage our Democratic Presidential candidates to be strong on the issue of climate change as a major platform issue. I propose that we broaden the perspective of carbon production and sequestration as the main driver of climate change. Increasing our understanding of the entire network of life on earth as being an intertwined process of homeostasis, affected at every level by our actions, leads us to more effective coordination of the work we do to heal the planet. It’s not just global a fever in a child is a symptom of dis-ease, so is climate change a symptom of the damage being done to our living world in the name of resource extraction and thoughtless management of our air, water, soils, forests, prairies, and wetlands. 

There is not one aspect of the ecological and social ills we are currently living with that doesn’t contribute to climate change. 

Water use: fracking, diversion of waters, dams, pollution, increased pressure for use; 

Air: emissions of all kinds; 

Soils: loss of nutrients and tilth leading to desertification; 

Forests: fires and infestations; 

Loss of cultures and languages and their unique perspective on old/new paradigms for earth repair.

Loss of biodiversity and species extinction; 

Poverty and migrations hand in hand with economic debt and inequality with an ever-expanding GNP depending on relentless resource extraction; 

Plastic, oil, and coal pollution; 

Political upheaval, societal alienation and addictions...the list goes on and on. 

But the good news is: by understanding the symbiotic relationship of all the life on this planet, we can effect positive changes right in our own homes, backyards, communities, habitats, cities, legislative and congressional districts, and wherever we are. It is, right now, the task of humanity to step up to this challenge with a renewed effort. If we feel in our hearts that our world really is in danger, is being treated as only a commodity, and that life has intrinsic worth, then it is our responsibility to do the work. However, let us not forget that, as in the words of Emma Goldman, “...if I can’t dance, I don’t want to be in the revolution...”, so, let’s dance and sing and be creative in our work. And a big part of our work is to build even farther on the work of our local, State, and National Democratic Party. How we do that is up to us. What are your plans? 

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