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At the State Level

All business at the state level is carried out by the Washington State Democratic Central Committee (WSDCC) which is made up of one state committeeman and one state committeewoman from each of the state’s 39 counties and each of the state’s 49 legislative districts. The members of the state’s Executive Board are themselves members of WSDCC and are elected by fellow WSDCC members. The WSDCC meets four times a year, with each meeting held in a different part of the state.

At the Local Level

All business of the Okanogan County Democratic Party is carried out by the Okanogan County Democratic Central Committee (OCDCC) which is made up of all of the elected and appointed Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) in the county. This body is usually referred to simply as the Central Committee. It too meets on a quarterly basis.

“MISSION: The Okanogan County Democratic Party is an inclusive political organization that seeks to elect Democrats committed to the core values of our constituents and the Platform of the Washington State Democratic Party”

The Executive Board (E-Board) of the Okanogan County Democrats is elected from members of the Central Committee at the bi-annual Reorganization Meeting. The E-Board Holds monthly meetings and there is a monthly meeting for the General Membership, which is comprised of the E-Board, PCOs and Members.

PCOs are elected in the Primary Election of the even years. The Chair of the Okanogan County Democrats may appoint PCOs, with the advice and consent of the E-Board, to open precincts. However no PCO appointment can be made between the dates of the Primary and the Reorganization Meeting.

The E-Board

The E-Board of the Okanogan County Democrats is made up of:  the Chair; Vice-Chair of the opposite gender; State Committeeman and State Committeewoman who are elected by the entire Central Committee; Treasurer and Secretary, of opposite gender if possible, who are appointed by the Chair; one Technology Chair; one Campaign Events Coordinator Chair (CECC); and one PCO Coordinator Chair (PCOCC). There are currently 8 voting members of the E-Board.

“VISION: The Okanogan County Democratic Party sees a bright future with broad participation of diverse groups working together to create a healthy, equitable society incorporating government of the people, by the people, for all of the people.”

Executive Board Roles

Chair – The Chair serves as the chief executive officer of the Central Committee, makes appointments to committees, provides good management, and calls and prepares for County Conventions in even-numbered years.

Vice-Chair – The Vice-Chair is the chief aide to the Chair, substitutes in the Chair’s absence and serves as coordinator for Native and LGBTQ Outreach.

In actuality the Chair and Vice-Chair are almost full-time jobs dealing with issues in the county and coordinating with the WSDCC and responding to their mandates. Although the terms of office are all only two years, it would be better if the Chair and Vice-Chair could commit for four years. The first two years allow them to “learn the ropes” so that they are prepared, especially for the very hectic Presidential election years.

Secretary – The Secretary serves at both Central Committee and Executive Board meetings, and like all members of the Board is intimately involved in the operation of the headquarters and the organization as a whole.

Treasurer – The Treasurer receives and deposits all funds, presents bills to the Executive Board and writes checks for approved expenses, reports to the Central Committee and Executive Board, submits an annual report to the Central Committee for audit by the three District Co-Chairs, and is responsible for Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) and similar reports. This is a very exacting and demanding office, especially during Presidential Election years.

State Committeeman and Committeewoman – The State Committeeman and Committeewoman represent the Central Committee at the state level and report to the Central Committee and Executive Board.

The above officers must be prepared to attend all WSDCC Meetings. In order to pass resolutions that are generated by the Central Committee, one of their very important functions is to network with the State Committeemen and Committeewomen from other counties and legislative districts.

Technology Chair – The Technology Chair manages the website, serving as the contact for the State Party Technology Director. This position also manages social media precense and coordinates membership and mailing list data with the Secretary and Treasurer.

Campaign Events Coordinator Chair (CECC) – The CECC serves as the point contact for Campaign Events Coordinators, disseminating and gathering information, event announcements, schedules and coordinates event facility needs with the rest of the Executive Board, in addition to providing status at monthly meetings.

PCO Coordinator Chair (PCOCC) – The PCOCC serves as the point contact for PCO Coordinators, disseminating and gathering information, managing prospective PCO vetting and form processing with the Chair, and coordinating PCO training, in addition to providing status at monthly meetings.

Additional Roles

Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) – Please CLICK HERE to learn about PCOs.

Regional Coordinators, Committee Chairs and/or Committee Coordinators – There are five Campaign Event Cooridnators (CECs); five PCO Coordinators (PCOCs); and varying numbers of Committee Chairs or Coordinators for various committees that may be established on a project-need basis.

Legislative District Representatives – One representative from each of the two legislative districts in Okanogan County, the 7th and 12th Legislative Districts, is elected at legislative district sub-causes at the Reorganization meeting.  They represent the constituents in their respective legislative districts, and also are actively and intimately involved in the operation of the headquarters and the organization. Additionally, the 7th LD elects 2 alternates.

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