A Message from our Chair

Welcome to 2019, the year that will go down in history as the year that the Democrats took over the House of Congress, 'the people's house,' in an historic, sweeping landslide.  There is a long slog ahead, but we are invigorated by the election of so many bright, young, talented representatives.

Looking ahead in our county, we have elected Katie Haven to serve in the newly created position as Vice Chair for local affairs.  It is in our interest to focus on the many local boards that inform the decisions of local government that have such an immediate impact on our lives. Public schools, PUDs, water allocation, development, wildlife management, and conservation are but a few of those impacts. Currently, almost every single person in power in this county is from the GOP and/or represents the interests of the political right wing.  We must reverse that trend.  The state party agrees, and will support local candidates we put forward with a training academy. The Okanogan County elections webpage enumerates 111 positions subject to election for 2019. Let us all resolve to seek out candidates who are willing to serve our interests.

Finally, I would like to close with another comment on border walls.  The Chinese built their famous wall to exclude the Mongolians.  Ghengis Khan, the famous Mongolian leader who conquered China and established a long lasting dynasty of Mongolian rulers, commented that "Walls are no better for defense that those who are willing to defend them." He simply sought out a corrupt official and paid him to open the gates. "The rest is history."

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